“When you are talking musical pedagogy, Richard Niles is the daddy. He explains the mechanics of music better than anyone else…
Not only does Niles know what he’s talking about, he imparts his knowledge with clarity and certainty”  
Chris Campling – The Times (London)

“Ideas make you better.”
Graduating from Boston’s Berklee College of Music (1975) where he studied with Herb Pomeroy, Gary Burton, Pat Metheny and Michael Gibbs, Niles received his PhD from Brunel University in 2008.
In Britain he has lectured at 
Brunel University, Leeds College of Music, The Royal Northern College of Music, The Academy of Contemporary Music, The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and The Tech Schools of Music.
Niles also worked as consultant to ABRSM (the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music) 2008-2011
In the USA he has lectured at The Berklee College of Music, California State University, The Musician’s Institute and the University of Southern California. 

The Niles Creative Workshops (www.nilescreativeworkshops.com).

Educational website with over 100 video lessons in Artist Development, Arranging & Composition, Songwriting and Record Production.
Acclaimed producers, artists and writers are featured in unique in-depth interviews including Don Was, Arif Mardin, Richard Carpenter, Barry Manilow, Trevor Horn, Gary Husband. A unique resource based on NILES’ 37+ years as a professional. Sign the mailing list and receive FREE VIDEOS

What people say about Dr. Niles’ masterclasses and workshops:

“His long and impressive experience informs his teaching and leadership. His enthusiasm for the creative process and working together as a team helps to galvanize students and serve the overall needs of the programme. His wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with his love for both jazz and popular musics is clearly embedded in his teaching methods.”
Frank Griffith, Director of Performance, Head of Jazz, Brunel University

“Thanks for all your help. I remember being really inspired.”
ex-student Marina of internationally successful pop act Marina and the Diamonds

” I think the students whose work you critiqued got a lot out of the experience.” Matthew Nicholl, Chair – Contemporary Writing and Production dept., Berklee College of Music

“The students really enjoyed your discussion, as did I.  Your presentation was certainly informative and yet very friendly and approachable.   I think all students like that attitude: ‘He’s not talking to me like I’m way below him.'”
Jon Aldrich,Songwriting Professor, Berklee College of Music

“Your teaching style is very, very cool–and very amusing at the same time as delivering the real deal right to the front door of the student, not giving them any choice but to pay attention to it.”
Bassist and educator Janek Gwizdala

Student feedback:

LinkedIn recommendation from Peter Fox: “I attended a songwriting seminar by Richard in 2011, and then paid for some private tuition to work on my songs. It was the best time and money I have ever spent on my craft. Richard has an expert knowledge of the art of songwriting. He was able to offer constructive advice on my songs. In particular he was instrumental in helping me find the conflict in my songs, showing me how to tell a story through my lyrics. Since receiving Richard’s advice my songwriting has taken on a new lease of life (won songwriting awards, numerous collaborations, performed songs with my band to great crowd reception etc).”

“I want to let you know how helpful I found your seminar. Your advice on lyrics will make me focus with greater detail on what I want to say and how I say it. But everything you said was worth hearing. Definitely worth the admission price!” attendee Ian Gunn

“Your seminar was very clear, concise and hugely valuable. I loved your directness.” attendee Ann Baldwin

“I can’t thank you enough for your songwriting seminar. Your ’11 Point Plan’ makes you think: Why didn’t I think of this before? And it really works!” attendee Kim Boswell

Masterclasses, clinics and workshops cover a number unique approaches:

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT (how to transform from Musician to Artist)
Arranging Masterclass/1 day seminar
Arranging in Popular Music – 3 day seminar
Pop Arranging Course
The Professional Record Producer: a unique production course concentrating on the producer/artist relationship
Professional Composition & Arranging
Collective Arranging: a unique ensemble based on the methods of producer Jerry Wexler
Cultural Perspectives in Popular Music (1900 – 2000)
A history of poplar music course delivered over 1 or 2 semesters
Music Documentaries:
Writing, producing and presenting music documentaries for Radio or Podcasts
Songwriting (Pop & Jazz)
A central concept is Niles’ unique ELEVEN POINT PLAN to guarantee effective songwriting. Full course, 1 day  or multi-day seminar analyzing student work.
Writing & Producing Music for TV and Radio Commercials – 1 day seminar
Creative Concepts for Aspiring Geniuses
A one day seminar to kickstart your creativity

Note: Dr. Niles is happy to write classes and courses and lectures for your particular requirements covering any aspect of music, the music industry and how to stimulate creativity. He also has a great deal of music for big-band, singers and smaller ensembles.  Dr. Niles also gives private tuition.
Contact: richard@richardniles.com


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