This page is devoted to what other people have said or written about Richard Niles. Thanks to all these great artists and writers for their positive words!

“Richard Niles is one of the best composer/arrangers around and a truly exciting musical force.”  Grammy winning artist Pat Metheny

“Richard Niles has all the attributes of a great music man; creativity, intelligence and a deep understanding of both the history and latest developments in his craft. The music he creates is divine.” James Taylor, ArtistWorks

“You arranged some of my biggest hits as an artist, so I’m grateful for life to you. You understand how to work with the vocalist. How to let the track breathe, to make a nice cushion and how to pull back when the singer’s singing—how to underscore rather than limit the singer. To love and nurture the song, not ride roughshod over it.” Grammy winning producer Don Was

“Your production work is of the highest caliber.”
legendary artist Richard Carpenter 

“Richard is a bit of a star – the best TV Musical Director I’ve ever worked with, doing superb work under extreme pressure.” Leo Sayer

“Richard Niles is one of those people whose projects can be recommended without hesitation. He pushes the ear and imagination to encompass the workings of other peoples minds.” Gillian Reynolds (MBE), The Sunday Telegraph

“Great arrangements! Great production! It’s always a pleasure to do something with you, and I hope we can continue to find new ways.” Grammy winning pianist & composer Bob James

“We called you because we want George Martin on acid.”
Roland Orzabal, Tears For Fears

“With the incredible production and arranging skills of Richard Niles, every song is a masterpiece, crafted to perfection.” Mix Mag review of Clive Griffin “Step by Step” CD

“FRANK SINATRA HAD NELSON RIDDLE. I HAVE RICHARD NILES …….love, marti pellow”Marti Pellow, actor and singer for Wet Wet Wet

“Thanks for all your help. I remember being really inspired.” ex-student Marina of Marina and the Diamonds

“You are a true gem amongst a myriad of fool’s gold.” composer Dann Glenn

Reviews of Niles’ work on Paul McCartney’s McCartney II track “Blue Sway”
“Best of all, ‘Blue Sway’ is a dazzling, dipping collaboration with Richard Niles and his orchestra that is quite stunning in concept and execution”
David Edwards, drownedinsound.com
The true standout remains ‘Blue Sway’ a McCartney II outtake . The 2011 remaster, featuring orchestration by Richard Niles is a sweeping ambient track that shows what some of McCartney II’s tracks could have been: coherent, experimental yet accessible, and containing some structure. For that track alone, the McCartney II remaster is worth the price.”
Kit O’Toole, blogcritics.org
Blue Sway features the sleek sheen of The Richard Niles Orchestration”
Michael Roffman, consequenceofsound.net
“Richard Niles’ orchestration is quite lovely.” Kevin O’Hare, blog.masslive.com

” Produced by Richard Niles, there’s craftsman kind of work in putting something like this together. And then there’s master craftsman quality, painstakingly assembled by hand, and that’s where this one resides.  Very highly recommended.”  Girlsingers.com review of Niles produced Tanja Martisa’s CD “Fragile”

“Richard Niles is England’s jazz crusader.” Mark Small, editor of Berklee Today

“What makes Niles’ approach to an arrangement unique is that he’s interested in a fusion of genres.” LA Music Connection

“His prodigious talent as composer/arranger/performer have served him well in his multi-faceted pursuits.” Composer Michael Gibbs“You bad, Niles! This show is gonna be a phenomenon with the combination of your orchestra and my thing!” Mister James Brown in rehearsal for a TV performance

“His long and impressive experience informs his teaching and leadership. His enthusiasm for the creative process and working together as a team helps to galvanize students and serve the overall needs of the programme. His wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with his love for both jazz and popular musics is clearly embedded in his teaching methods.” Professor Frank Griffith, Director of Performance, Head of Jazz, Brunel University

“In the ’80s, Trevor Horn wanted a big sound, and Richard Niles knew all about ‘big’.” Finn Johannsen – Writer/DJ

“That’s some funny shit – I can’t believe you wrote that, Man!
Niles, you write your ass off!” Ray Charles

“Clever smooth jazz.” London’s Time Out magazine

“Niles is one of pop’s top arrangers. When you are talking musical pedagogy, Richard Niles is the daddy. He explains the mechanics of music better than anyone else…Not only does Niles know what he’s talking about, he imparts his knowledge with clarity and certainty” Chris Campling – The Times

“New Jazz Standards on Radio 2 on Saturday nights is a peach of a programme, with presenter Richard Niles being funny, wild and opinionated, and the music is a glorious mix of the unexpected – jazz, funk, salsa. It’s the kind of programme that breaks new ground and ought to be allowed time to build. Its tone is all its own, maverick yet authoritative, with an enthusiasm that’s catchy. It takes a minute or two to get used to Niles’s high-pitched, silvery salvos of introduction, but his verbal riffs precisely fit the sessions and tracks that follow. A jazz landmark.” Gillian Reynolds On Radio – The Daily Telegraph

“For guaranteed satisfaction, do not miss Radio 2’s The Arrangers. Richard Niles shows it is perfectly possible to have a scholarly appreciation of what makes music sound good allied to a wicked sense of humour.”
Gillian Reynolds, The Daily Telegraph

“Richard Niles has changed the tenor of jazz broadcasting. Niles’s style is uninhibitedly American upfront, a sort of Ruby Wax with musical taste, although also swathed in self-parody. If we don’t agree with his assessment of Chick Corea, we’re invited to sue him. He also extols stadium jazz – ‘very entertaining if you’re in the mood or on medication’. Niles presumes little musical knowledge – he explains acid jazz, for instance – though he clearly has plenty himself. He eschews purism, is unembarrassed by crossover, and runs with his enthusiasms. His show is delicious.” Anne Karpf – The Guardian

“Richard Niles, the informed and energetic presenter, delves into how an arrangement can make a hit and which instruments change the colours in music to play most effectively on listeners’ emotions.” Gillian Reynolds, Daily Telegraph

“Just when you thought it was safe to walk into the studio, Richard Niles hands you a chart!” Nathan East – bassist Fourplay, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins

“Jazz and pop – A lot of Richard’s charts helped me to match all these things up and I thank him a lot for that. The Bandzilla charts made me play double time bebop over G# minor or a funk track and then something really bluesy and simple over a fast swinger! Gigs and sessions with Richard really helped develop my style. Richard Niles gives it the garlic!” Nigel Hitchcock – British alto sax virtuoso

“…the most attractive and original music I’ve heard… defies convenient labels. Marvellous melodies, exotic keyboard colourings, disarming tempo changes and surprising solos.” Derek Jewell – Sunday Times review of Niles’ “Hi-Tek”

“…clever, original music. In its textures and slinky beats, much of the writing aspires to be mistaken for ‘smooth jazz’ bit is actually much too intelligent for that!”
Jazzwise review of Club Deranged

“Niles features his attractively unusual hyper-melodic compositions…”
Pizza Express Jazz Club review

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  1. Richard,
    What a great session you produced last Tuesday for Paul Cusack. Your horn voicings just killed me on those Ray Charles tunes! (I was 2nd trumpet). I’ve got to have a copy of this! Thanks again for this wonderful recording experience.


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