ALEXANDER NILES – Actor, musician, comedian

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Alexander Niles (b. 2002 London, England) is an American actor and musician known both for his wacky comedy and edgy character roles.

He recently completed a lead role in Distant Vision, written and directed by legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola.

Alex Distant Vision 2Niles performing in Coppola’s “Distant Vision”

He has performed in London and Los Angeles as a jazz pianist and stand-up comic.

Alexander began studying acting at Arts Educational School in London at the age of 8. Home-schooled, work included print modeling, studio recording, singing and voice-overs. He writes his own comedy sketches and has performed stand-up comedy as host at London jazz clubs The 606 and The Pizza Express.

Alexander introducing his father’s band (age 10) in London.

Moving to California in 2012, Alexander studied at The South Coast Repertory and now attends the prestigious Orange County School of Arts. Work has included TV appearances, commercials, musicals, PSAs, and music videos.

Alexander Niles explains the Kwikset 915

Alexander learned piano and music theory from his father, composer Richard Niles, from the age of 3. He now performs rock, jazz and soul with QUARTET 5, based in Orange County, California.

Alexander Niles is also a composer and writes pieces for the band. Alex has performed as a solo pianist and host at L.A. jazz clubs Typhoon and Catalina.

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Alexander’s other skills include dancing, tennis and swimming.

Height: 5’ 8”, brown hair, brown eyes.
Languages: English, French
Accents: American, English, Cockney, French, Spanish

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Agent: Susan Duff & Kathy Schmidt, Integrity Talent Agency (818) 985-4442
Manager: Penelope Keyser, Keyser Model & Talent Management (949) 322-4133